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  1. Ari-web server --
  2. Ghosts
  3. How to close the door ( a beginner friendly lecture for parents )
  4. Bash syntax highlighting, part one : concept
  5. DOML #3 -- 2023/03/01
  6. Low calorie, vegetarian bean soup
  7. DOML #2 -- 2023/02/02
  8. I came out to my psychologist -- an update
  9. DOML #1 -- 2023/01/29
  10. How does it feel to be a lab rat
  11. ChatGPT fun
  12. I came out to my psychologist :')
  13. Netlify ToS (terms of service) tldr
  14. Idk something
  15. Pievos - dūno upė lyrics // Pievos - dūno upė žodžiai
  16. Advent of code 2022
  17. Comparison between baz, sheldon and oh-my-bash plugin managers for GNU BASH
  18. GNU BASH script and general code optimisation tips
  19. How to make your first website
  20. Minimal software I made for Linux systems
  21. #ThinkPeach, not #ThinkPink
  22. Leaking your IP is not dangerous, please stop being so stupid
  23. Contact me
  24. Working with paths in C
  25. Happy 2nd birthday, ari-web
  26. Ari-web blog hyperlink redesign
  27. My view on death
  28. How to generate a report for songs you listen to using MPV
  29. Fuck you, putin, you little bitch
  30. The 'www' subdomain is no longer the default for
  31. Ari-web now delivers minified content
  32. Ari-web APIs: How to use them
  33. Ari-web APIs are going public
  34. How to make your own Gentoo Linux overlay
  35. Ari-web browser compatibility
  36. How to fix contant freezing or disconnecting of wpa_supplicant WiFi on rtl8821ce
  37. My music artist recommendations
  38. Sorry for deleting some blog posts
  39. HOMEWORK: -ish Have to present some stuff about my projects and things
  40. The best temperature system -- degrees Torture (T°)
  41. How to manually install alpine Linux on any Linux distribution
  42. billing documentation slightly improved
  43. Stop trying to replace C++
  44. Simplicity is not ease
  45. Experiments
  46. Discord is a pure shithole, shitcord
  47. I'm leaving CollabVM
  48. Modernism
  49. "Aš už tradicinę šeimą" movement in Lithuania
  50. Abot (ari-bot) bot on CollabVM
  51. How I feel about rust being added to Linux kernel version 5.20
  52. Goodbye, technoblade :(
  53. Salad fingers
  54. What kind of pedophilic bullshit is this 'FreeSpeechTube'
  55. Me, an LGBT person + anti-lgbt family = no
  56. FASM -- The almost perfect assembler
  57. Fuck smokers
  58. Restricting contributions on ari-web
  59. Being LGBT in lithuania, my expierience
  60. Accesibility issues of ari-web
  61. IMPORTANT: Impersonation of me on the internet
  62. Stop caring about the looks
  63. Weird ass day
  64. My Enneagram type
  65. My personality type
  66. "DuckDuckGo? More like DuckDuckNo" blog proven
  67. I got outted by my classmate, on pride month, fun
  68. Pride month just started and I'm already in pain
  69. Wtf is going on and why is my site blowing up
  70. Happy (almost) pride month :)
  71. Introducing the ari-web API!
  72. User opinion and comments site is now up :)
  73. My gentoo linux setup
  74. Is assembly bloated?
  75. Shutdown of my TCL (tiny core linux) mirror
  76. How to print coloured text in C and C++
  77. Happy pi(e) day
  78. New blog management system!